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Invitation to Karen National New Year 2754

Invitation to Karen National New Year 2754
The Karen Community Association UK cordially invites you to come and join our auspicious 2754 Karen National New Year celebrations:

Date: 3rd Jan 2015
 Time: 11am to 3pm
Venue: Forge Valley Community School Hall, Wood Lane, Sheffield S6 5HG.

The Karen New Year is a relatively recent celebration – it was first celebrated in 1938. Karen New Year is celebrated on the first day of the month of Pyathoe, in the Karen calendar. The month of Pyathoe is special for Karen cultural solidarity, for the following reasons:
- We Karen have different names for Pyathoe, Skaw Karens call it Th'lay and Pwo Karens call it HtikeKauk Po. All fall exactly the same date.
- The rice harvest is completed in the period leading to Pyathoe, and according to Karen tradition and religious practice, there must be a celebration for consumption of the new crop. It is also the time to plan the date for commencement of the next crop. Typically, this is also when new houses are constructed, and the completion of these must be celebrated. The first day of Pyathoe is a multi-faith festival, enjoyed by all religious groups.  Karen New Year is celebrated throughout Burma, and by Karen communities worldwide.

Our cultural celebration will include Karen ceremonial dance, and our traditional and contemporary Karen fashion show.  We will recognise and honour the wise, mature generation who enable our community, and conclude the New Year celebration with a banquet of delicious Karen cuisine.

We look forward for your participation in our celebration and wish you a very happy, peaceful, and prosperous new year.
Karen New Year Committee-UK           
For more information please contact;
Eh Htee Kaw 07861786539, Win Cho 07886335142, Pearl Naw Palace 07845217022